Norban Preface

Norban, Founded back in 1990- is a model in many aspects in the knit textile industries in Bangladesh and enjoys a distinct reputation as a source of quality knit garments, supplying to reputed brands in Europe and the USA with reliability and confidence. With a fully vertical integrated setup, it offers a comprehensive solution to the entire range of the knit garments manufacturing industry with state of the art machineries in Knitting, Fabrics Dyeing & Finishing, Yarn Dyeing, Lab and R&D, Embroidery and Printing. Because of the automation in lots of production stages, we have less number of workers and high production capacity. 

We  are equipped with high quality Dyeing machines made by BRAZZOLI-Italy which is with fully computerized Color Kitchen and Auto Dozing System to ensure liquor ratio of as low as 1:4.5 / batch to match our “Go Green” concept of less use of water and lesser effluents compare to other conventional machines. Garments production unit of Norban Comtex Ltd. has a highly dedicated and skilled workforce. It is equipped with various advanced production machines and specialized equipments including 984 units of JUKI computer controlled stitching machines, and 26 units of KANSAI – on which a detailed list is provided below. The cutting section is equipped with hi-tech automatic fabrics spreading and cutting machine, called KURIS from Germany. Fully supported by stand-by high capacity generators and ancillary equipments, all delivery schedules are strictly maintained irrespective of power failures and other impediments – which ultimately guarantee our product reliability in every stage of the production. 

Run by a competent management with pragmatic work plan and scientific procedures of implementations. “Norban Comtex Ltd” has an output capacity of around 45,000 pcs of garments per day with its 30 lines. And it has another sister concern named “Hornbill Apparel Ltd” which has an output capacity of 18,000 pcs per day with its 12 lines. So, altogether, with 42 sewing lines, we have an output capacity of 63,000 pcs per day and 1.6 million pcs per month. The Flat Knit Sweater Unit “Trend Force Garments (BD) Ltd” has 840 Flat Bed Knitting machines and can produce 8000 pcs Sweater (KNIT) every day.

Safety first  !!!” is one of the principal mottos of Norban. In order to prevent accidents, the factory has so many preventive and precautionary measures which can be termed as an “exceptional factory with safety measures” in Bangladesh. The buildings are 3-4 storey which were purposely built with international safety standard for the workers. Its canteen and cafeteria with a clean and hygienic atmosphere has a catering facility to around 1,800 persons in shifts. It has a safe and hygienic workspace with over 150 cubic meter workspace for each person against the requirement of  9 cubic meters as per the ACoP (Approved Codes Of Practice) of the Labor Law. 

It is a green and environment friendly project with a Green Belt of trees and plantations all around the project and every effort is made to ensure minimum use of  carbon emitting lights and inputs. All the machines and equipments selected for the project are designed to save huge amount of gas/energy consumption compared to other conventional machines which consume more gas and corresponding energy time.

The project of full vertical set up “Norban Comtex Ltd.” is spread over an area of approx 5 Acres of prime green land and has a covered area of approx 297,000 SFT. Its Textile Division has a production capacity of 12 tons of Solid Color Fabrics per day. The fabrics Finishing Unit is equipped with Sueding and Raising / Brushing machineries from Europe. The Yarn Dyeing Unit has a capacity of 3.5 tons per day for Stripe Fabrics. The embroidery section has a capacity of around 12,000 pcs per day (of around 3 thousand stitches). The multi-color machine printing unit has a capacity of around 50,000 pcs per day. For storing a facility of 60,000 SQF warehouse, it  has a vast storage capacity and accommodates a clean setup of materials and sufficient stock of different count of yarns all times.

A competent merchandising team is working in three departments of Ladies wear, Mens wear & Children wear. The sample section has earned quite a bit of reputation for their skill and performance from our customers. Its quality assurance department has a strong technically sound and efficient team of quality controllers who work tirelessly with instant monitoring system to control and supervise production and quality of the orders of our buyers up to their entire satisfaction.